Neighborhood Prosperity Network

What is it?

The Neighborhood Prosperity Network (NPN) is a program initiated by Prosper Portland (formerly called Portland Development Commission/PDC) to strengthen the economic competitiveness of neighborhood business districts through community-planned and community-implemented actions and projects.

Specifically, NPN areas will focus on:

  • Increasing the visibility of the business district
  • Growing more jobs
  • Strengthening existing businesses
  • Filling vacant spaces

With support from Prosper Portland and the City of Portland, each neighborhood is best positioned to decide what actions and projects will improve its local business districts. For more information, visit Prosper Portland’s Neighborhood Prosperity Network page.

How is it administered?

Neighborhood buy-in is critical and that is the process includes organizing a broad cross-section of people representing the area’s business community, residents, property owners, district organizations, and community groups. Everyone with a stake in the district and its future should be involved in preparing the best plan for the neighborhood.

The management of the district will occur at a local level. Prosper Portland’s role will be to support the districts in their management of the district through seed funding, technical assistance, and overall support.

Districts Involved: