About Us

Vision and Mission

The Cully Blvd. Alliance (CBA) – a coalition of Community and Businesses promotes and fosters opportunity for economic prosperity that cultivates diversity, nurtures community and empowers the neighborhood.

In our shared vision, we see community-rooted businesses forming, growing and being successful in a neighborhood that is committed to serving and responding to the hopes and dreams of its entire population without fear of isolation or displacement. There is room for all of us; to find a residence, to settle down, to start a business, or to retire in the family home.

Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI)

CBA has been selected as one of six business districts in Portland to be a part of Prosper Portland’s (formerly Portland Development Commissions) Neighborhood Prosperity Initiatives (NPI).  The purpose of this urban renewal program is to strengthen the economic competitiveness of neighborhood business districts through community-planned and community-implemented actions and projects.  The CBA has been established to administer the program and to represent the neighborhood and local businesses.

Community Vision

Cully is a place known for its welcoming spirit where neighbors greet visitors warmly. Sharing their voices and experiences with pride and celebrating the many opportunities to learn, serve, work and build a shared future. It is a community where stories of personal and professional success are common and elders, children, grandchildren, friends, families, and neighbors all thrive and care for one another.

At the heart of Portland’s historic Cully neighborhood is Cully Boulevard where a vibrant and thriving multicultural Business District creates jobs and business opportunities for the entire community. It is a place where shoppers from the neighborhood and visitors from far and near gather at their favorite destinations while happy, healthy pedestrians walk, roll and stroll, and cyclists ride; all served by safe and connected streets.

The Cully Boulevard scene is framed by a tapestry of colors, perspectives, and experiences alive with the sights and sounds of a community that is connected and balanced in its social, cultural, and economic diversity. From the view of Mount St. Helens in the distance to the Columbia Wetlands, the land is alive with native plants and trees thriving in clean air and water. It is a living mosaic, contributing vital sustenance, restoring and strengthening our interrelatedness and providing an opportunity for all.

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