Welcome to the Cully Blvd Alliance

The Cully Blvd. Alliance (CBA) is led by steering committee comprised of  residents, Cully serving organizations, and/or Businesses owners who work to promote and foster equitable and empowering economic growth in the NE Portland neighborhood of Cully.  Picture1

The Cully Blvd Alliance as an organization aims to create an inclusive, sustainable, socially and economically equitable economy built on locally-rooted small business and land ownership.   We envision a neighborhood in which one could actually  “Live here, Work Here, and Shop Here!!” , as a way to keep Cully $$ within the Cully community.  By preventing local financial resources from “leaking out” of an area the community in partnership with the CBA can contiously reinvest in itself and its long time residents.

Cully Boulevard is one of six business districts in Portland to be a part of Prosper Portland’s  Neighborhood Prosperity Network (NPN).  The purpose of this urban renewal program is to strengthen the economic competitiveness of neighborhood business districts through community-planned and community-implemented projects.  The Cully Blvd Alliance has been established to administer the program and to represent the neighborhood and local businesses.

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