Welcome to Cully Blvd Alliance

The Cully Blvd. Alliance (CBA) is a coalition of Community and Businesses that promotes and fosters opportunity for economic prosperity that cultivates diversity, nurtures community and empowers the neighborhood.

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In our shared vision, we see community-rooted businesses forming, growing and being successful in a neighborhood that is committed to serving and responding to the hopes and dreams of its entire population without fear of isolation or displacement. There is room for all of us; to find a residence, to settle down, to start a business, or to retire in the family home.

Cully Boulevard has been selected as one of six business districts in Portland to be a part of Prosper Portland’s (formerly Portland Development Commissions) Neighborhood Prosperity Initiatives (NPI).  The purpose of this urban renewal program is to strengthen the economic competitiveness of neighborhood business districts through community-planned and community-implemented actions and projects.  The Cully Blvd Alliance has been established to administer the program and to represent the neighborhood and local businesses.

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